December 2, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 12/1/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Charlie Parr “Barnswallow At Twilight” from Hollindale 

Bama “Levee Camp Hollers” from Parchman Farms 

22 And Group “The Prettiest Train I Ever Saw” from Parchman Farms 

Whiskey Shivers “Graves” from Whiskey Shivers 

Patti Smith “Birdland” from Horses

REM “Drive” from Automatic for the People 

Peter Buck “Southerner” from I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again 

Neutral Milk Hotel “Everything Is” from Everything Is 

Centro-Matic “Talk You Down” from Candidate Waltz 

Doc Feldman & the LD50 “Battle Hymn” from Sundowning At the Station 

Whitey Morgan And The 78's “Crazy” from Born, Raised & Live From Flint

Tim Barry “Clay Pigeons” from Lost & Rootless 

Tami Neilson “Whiskey And Kisses” from Dynamite 

Charley The City Mouse Fasano “Gasoline Fumes” from Retrospect/ed 

The Box Tops “The Door You Closed To Me” from Ultimate 

District Attorneys “Madison Row” from Slowburner 

Rick Danko “Java Blues” from Rick Danko

Ike and Tina Turner “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” from Workin' Together 

Charles Mingus “Pithecanthropus Erectus” from Pithecanthropus Erectus

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November 18, 2014 @ 3:36 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 11/17/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires “Kudzu and the Concrete” from Dereconstructed 

Otis Gibbs “Back In My Day Blues” from Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth 

American Aquarium “Rattlesnake” from Small Town Hymns

Slobberbone “Front Porch” from Barrel Chested 

John Paul Keith “Baby We're A Bad Idea” from Memphis Circa 3AM 

Austin Lucas “Go West” from Somebody Loves You 

Two Cow Garage “Bastards And Bridesmaids” from Speaking In Cursive 

Red Collar “Welcome Home” from Welcome Home 

Glossary “The Rutherford County Line” from How We Handle Our Midnights 

Shane Sweeney “See You A Heaven” from The Finding Time 

American Aquarium “Lonely Ain't Easy” from Bones 

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires “Weeds Downtown” from Dereconstructed 

Otis Gibbs “Sometimes Angles” from Grandpa Walked a Picketline

Brent Best “Robert Cole” from Tribute to Larry Brown

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November 11, 2014 @ 12:18 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 11/11/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

I had a shit load of fun putting together this week's episode. It's as close as I've come to capturing what I wanted to accomplish when I started the Ajax Diner Book Club. Because I'm really happy with this set of songs I've extended the podcast length. If you appreciate the longer show please share it with your people via social media.

J. Mascis “Drifter” from Tied To A Star

Memphis Slim “Mother Earth” from The Real Folk Blues

Bertha "Chippie" Hill “Pratt City Blues” from The Story of the Blues

Charlie Parr “Manifold” from While No One Was Looking 

Carter Family “Bear Creek Blues” from Original Recordings Of The Carter Family 

Carter Family “It's A Long Long Road To Travel Alone” from Original Recordings Of The Carter Family 

Texas Alexander “Broken Yo Yo” from The Story of the Blues 

Jim Robinson's New Orleans Band “My Bucket's Got a Hole In It” from Jazz At Preservation Hall 

Hurray for the Riff Raff “Fine And Mellow” from My Dearest Darkest Neighbor 

Muddy Waters “Louisiana Blues” from The Best Of Muddy Waters

Kris Kristofferson “Mean Old Man” from Repossessed

John Moreland “This Town Tonight” from Everything The Hard Way

Woody Guthrie “Ain't Gonna Be Treated This Way” from Poor Boy

Woody Guthrie “Buffalo Skinners” from Poor Boy

Kierston White “Big Star” from Don't Write Love Songs 

Leadbelly “Pig Meat Papa” from The Story Of The Blues

Possessed By Paul James “Songs We Used To Sing” from There Will Be Nights When I'm Lonely 

Blind Willie McTell “Georgia Rag” from Complete Recordings V.2

Bob Dylan “Outlaw Blues” from Bringing It All Back Home 

Bessie Smith “In The House Blues” from The Story Of The Blues

Bottle Rockets “Slo Toms” from 24 Hours A Day

Doc & Merle Watson “Kaw-Liga” from Two Days In November

Doc & Merle Watson “The Train That Carried My Girl From Town” from Two Days In November

Mike Watt & The Missingmen “Up To My Neck In This” from While No One Was Looking

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November 4, 2014 @ 10:57 am

Ajax Diner Book Club 11/3/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

R.E.M. “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1” from Automatic For The People 

Lucero “Kiss the Bottle” from The Attic Tapes 

Builders & the Butchers “Blood Runs Cold” from Western Medicine 

Johnny Cash “I See A Darkness” from American III: Solitary Man 

Drag the River “Tobacco Fields” from You Can't Live This Way 

Kierston White “Big Star” from Don't Write Love Songs 

John Moreland “Gospel” from In The Throes 

Guy Clark “Cold Dog Soup” from Cold Dog Soup 

4H Royalty “Your Team” from Liars & Outliers 

Sunday Valley “You Don't Write” from To The Wind And On To Heaven 

Replacements “Portland” from All For Nothing 

Carolyn Mark “Last To Know” from While No One Was Looking

Counting Crows “A Murder Of One” from August and Everything After

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October 28, 2014 @ 11:08 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 10/27/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Maggie Bjorklund “Dark Side Of The Heart” from Shaken 

The Fox Hunt “Knoxville Girl” from America's Working So We Don't Have Too

Peter Buck “Life Is Short” from I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again 

Langhorne Slim “Crazy Elephant” from When The Sun's Gone Down 

Professor Longhair “Big Chief” from Crawfish Fiesta 

McDougall “Restless Friend” from McDougall 

Cream “Badge” from Royal Albert Hall - London May 2-3-5-6 2005 (Live) 

Strand of Oaks “Goshen '97” from Heal 

Arc Iris “Money Gnomes” from Arc Iris 

Armchair Martian “Jig” from Good Guys Bad Band 

Buffalo Killers “Get It” from Dig Sow Love Grow 

Deadstring Brothers “It's Morning Irene” from Cannery Row

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October 21, 2014 @ 6:01 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 10/20/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Maggie Bjorklund “Dark Side Of The Heart” from Shaken 

J Mascis “Every Morning” from Tied To a Star 

Billy Bragg “No One Knows Nothing Anymore” from Tooth & Nail 

Jon Dee Graham “God's Gonna Give You What You Need” from Not As Bad As It Looks

Amanda Shires “Bulletproof” from Down Fell the Doves 

Lightnin' Hopkins “Mistreated Blues” from On Stage 

Kierston White “Alcohol” from Don't Write Love Songs 

John Moreland “I Need You To Tell Me Who I Am” from In The Throes 

Charlie Parr “Bethlehem” from Rooster 

Bob Dylan & The Band “Endless Highway” from Before the Flood

Drive-by Truckers “Danko/Manuel” from The Dirty South 

Joe Pug “Silver Harps and Violins” from Great Despiser 

Bonnie "Prince" Billy “Old Match” from Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues

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October 14, 2014 @ 10:16 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 10/13/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Old 97's “This Is The Ballad” from Most Messed Up 

McDougall “Restless Friend” from McDougall 

Handsome Jack “Wasted Time” from Do What Comes Naturally

Glossary “Natural State” from Feral Fire 

Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One “US Mail” from Illuminator 

Peter Buck “So Long Johnny” from Peter Buck 

Alejandro Escovedo “Oxford” from Gravity 

Whiskeytown “Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart” from Faithless Street 

Merle Haggard “Just Between the Two Of Us” from Down Every Road 

Solomon Burke “Diamond In Your Mind” from Don't Give Up On Me

John R. Miller “Motor's Fried” from Service Engine 

Lightnin' Hopkins “Rollin' & Rollin'” from On Stage 

Bonnie "Prince" Billy “So Far And Here We Are” from Singer's Grave a Sea of Tongues 

Maggie Bjorklund “Bottom Of The Well” from Shaken 

Caleb Caudle “Monday” from Paint Another Layer On My Heart

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October 7, 2014 @ 8:06 am

Ajax Diner Book Club 10/6/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Three brand fucking new songs highlight this week's podcast. Most notably is the first song off of McDougall's upcoming record but there's also debuts from M. Lockwood Porter and Lewis & Leigh. Enjoy and follow my dumb ass on twitter.

Caleb Caudle “Come On October” from Paint Another Layer On My Heart 

Superchunk “Low F” from I Hate Music 

Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One “Hooligans” from Illuminator 

Jenny Lewis “Just One Of The Guys” from Voyager 

Lonelyhearts “Taking You With Me” from Years In the Great Interior 

McDougall “Another Kind” from McDougall 

Casey James Prestwood “Honky Tonk Bastard World” from Honky Tonk Bastard World 

Lusitania “Lucinda” 

Those Crosstown Rivals “The Rain” from Hell And Back 

Lewis & Leigh “What Is There To Do” from Night Drives 

M. Lockwood Porter “Restless” from 27

Lydia Loveless “Wine Lips” from Somewhere Else

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September 30, 2014 @ 9:23 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 9/29/14 Podcast Only

This week on the radio show I participated in KRFC's pledge drive. It was way too much of me asking for money and trying to create witty banter with someone else. I prefer to do my radio alone. So instead of subjecting you to that I put together a totally different patch of songs with less talking. I was in my living room with a beer, a dog and a shitty microphone. But the songs are good.

John R. Miller - Parking Lots, Service Engine
Slobberbone - Some New Town, Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today
The White Buffalo - When I'm Gone, Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways
Steve Earle - City of Immigrants, Washington Street Serenade
Drive-By Truckers - Goddamn Lonely Love, The Dirty South
The Old 97's - Most Messed Up, Most Messed Up
Levon Helm - Poor Old Dirt Farmer, Dirt Farmer
Drag The River - Mr. Crews, It's Crazy
Arlis Nancy - Nothing To Show, Wild American Runners
Shane Sweeney - When I Am Empty, The Finding Time
American Aquarium - Abe Lincoln, Burn.Flicker.Die.
Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound - I Don't Need To Know, Self Titled
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September 23, 2014 @ 8:27 pm

Ajax Diner Book Club 9/21/14 KRFC Ft. Collins CO

Howlin' Wolf “Built For Comfort” from His Best 

Matt Woods “Help Me Make It Through The Night” 

Waylon Jennings & Old 97's “Iron Road” 

The Box Tops “Cry Like A Baby” 

Fire Mountain “Factory Line” from All Dies Down

Drive-by Truckers “Til He's Dead Or Rising” from English Oceans 

Marvelettes “No Time For Tears”

Parker Millsap “Old Time Religion” from Parker Millsap 

Drag the River “Fishing Hole” 

Adam Faucett “Rock Ain't Gold” from Blind Water Finds Blind Water 

Chuck Ragan “Let It Rain” from Gold Country 

Sam Cooke “That's All I Need To Know” 

Jason Isbell & Elizabeth Cook “Tecumsah Valley” 

Brittany Howard & Ruby Amanfu “When My Man Come Home” 

Shovels & Rope “Johnny 99”

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